search. seek. evolve.

Set in the industrial area, Searchlight is known to locals as the hidden gem of Queenstown.


Search, seek, evolve has always been our motto and it translates into everything we do.

From enjoying the amazing lifestyle in Queenstown to the beers we brew, we are not afraid to push the limits and try something new. We believe that craft beer is more than what's written on the label or what the ingredients are. It’s about who makes the beer and the true intention behind the brand. So much passion, dedication and innovation goes in to each and every beer we produce because when it all comes down to it, we do it for the love of beer.


beer, sweet sweet beer

Beers, we've got 18 of the damn things.


Our taps are constantly rotating as we continue to try new styles, perfect recipes and play host to the occasional guest.

what we're pouring....

more than just a name

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