Iggy Hop - IPA 7.2%

6 x 330ml cans


Starring fruity hops as the front man, malt as the drums and bitterness as the bass, this balanced West Coast IPA is ready for the stage dive. Known as one of the most dynamic performers of all time, this is our hop-infused tribute to the great Iggy Pop.


Please note - Can artwork will differ to this


First Edition Can

This can will be the first edition and will come with an official first edition sticker. Drink it, store it on the mantle piece, take it on an advenutre. We don't mind what you do with it, we just wanted to commemorate the first line of cans we ever did.

Iggy Hop - 330ml 6 Pack

  • With the arrival of our canning machine we are beginning production on the 6 core beers we'll be canning. We are aiming to have the cans ready for market by late April, but due to Covid-19 the timing of this is ever changing. As a result we've decided to release a 'first edition' of each can and they are available for pre-order now. Once purchased, you will recieve an email as soon as your order is canned and ready to pick up or ship.